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"My face is an example of what good plastic surgery looks like"


"Thank you for the subtle, artistic and beautiful work you did for me."


Patient Success Stories


"Thank you for who you are and all the special things you do - and for always taking such good care of me."

S. M. (patient from Los Angeles, facelift, eyelid ptosis repair, prejowl implant)

"Hi Danya and Dr Hoenig,

After 4 years I want to share some dance pictures with you from my World Competition. You fixed me up on 12/29/05 and did a fantastic job. 3 weeks later I had dental emergencies and spent 3 and 1/2 years having bone grafts and now I have a mouth full of dental implants. So for the first time I can now enjoy the results of your great talent. Thank you."

K.F. (from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; facelift, eyelid ptosis, endoscopic browlift)

"PS I placed 3rd in World Competition."

"It's been a wonderful experience getting to know you and your staff! Thank you for investing so much time and energy into understanding my case and helping me. As a patient, I'm looking forward to seeing you for many more years to come. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and joyous upcoming New Year this season! Best wishes for success, happiness, & fulfillment :) Thank you again for everything!

Best Regards, "

J.C. (correction of previous facial liposuction, patient from Diamond Bar, CA)

"I just wanted to say thank you for preventing me making a big mistake regarding my eyelids!

I posted a question on RealSelf regarding asymmetric and heavy upper eyelids back in July. You felt that my problem wasn't heavy lids (or ptosis) but that I just needed some restylane. You strongly advised against having skin removed on my upper eyelid.

I since saw two oculoplastic surgeons in the UK and both thought it was ptosis, however I managed to convince the second one to try the restylane idea first. He did so and the result has been great and much cheaper and less invasive/traumatic than ptosis surgery. My surgeon was also pleasantly surprised at the result! Without your reply to my comment on Realself I would almost certainly have had this expensive and invasive operation and probably been left with poppy eyes which wouldn't have been very attractive!

I just felt I had to email as I am so grateful for your advice."

"It is always a pleasure to meet you in the meetings and listen to your wise talks with lots of nice results. You are not only a very good surgeon and a very good person, too. This thought is shared by all the collegues I meet in ASOPRS." (ASOPRS stands for American Society of Opthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons)

note from an ophthalmic plastic surgeon practicing in Turkey

"Can't say enough about Dr. Hoenig's talent, intelligence & compassion! Here's why: In my mid 50s, I set out to find a surgeon who could refresh my face without leaving me looking "done." The first 3 surgeons I visited (including "big" name in Bev Hills) left me uneasy. Much contradictory advice & a sense that I'd get their standard approach.

I'd all but decided to forget the whole thing, but made one last appt w/ Dr. Hoenig. So glad I did! He spent 90 minutes in the initial consultation, really studying my face, before making recommendations.

I was awake, but sedated for lower & mid-face lift, neck lift, upper lids & fat transfer to cheeks. No problems & I felt safe. That night I had some pain and Dr. Hoenig readily agreed to meet me at his office at 11:00pm to make sure I was OK (I was). Gave me his cell # & called several times over next few days.

The results are spectacular! I'm now 58 and look 45, as though I'm genetically lucky rather than post-surgical. Love him!"

L.D. (patient from Los Angeles; facelift, necklift, fat transfer, upper eyelid surgery), posted at ratemds.com

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

There are no words... I am so happy with my new chin. I feel like a new person. My kids and my boyfriend did not notice the change, u did such a beautiful job, there are no signs of work.

As for (-name removed-), Wow! Her eyes look a million times better on camera and her fuller face is very youthful! She doesn't see the huge improvement, but the crew does and I do!

She wants to come see you in a couple weeks for botox and touch ups. I would love to come with her and get the botox on my chin (cuz of the dimpling) and put some Radiance in my cheeks. I am addicted! I absolutely adore you!

I know you are very busy, but I do work with celebs, so I can pass along your name to my clients if you would like. I would trust you with everyone...

Have a wonderful week and I am looking forward to seeing you again.

Best Wishes,"

T.H. (patient from Culver City, radiesse chin augmentation)

"Had BA 5 yrs ago from Anna Love and Dr. C. No mention then of antibiotic for dental work. Last year went for dental crown and the resulting infection,swelling and hardening were so disfiguring I had to have it removed on the right side of face. Two trips to Beverly Hills, Dr. Johnathan Hoenig to remove and reshape. No one in TX would touch me. Had it not been for Dr. H, I don't know what I would have done. "

Bioalcamid removal, patient from Houston, TX, posted on aidsmeds.com


I just have to travel to CA. From all the other Doctors I've been through and getting messed up it's worth it for me to travel to him."

J.D. (patient from New York for eyelid surgery revisions, read more)

"I wanted to tell you all my experience with Dr. Hoenig. He did my lower bleph revision 6 months after the other doc botched me up. Dr Hoenig is the best doctor there is, hands down, he is the best. I live in Mexico, kind of a long trip for me, but I would travel to his office no matter where I lived in the world. Everyone who works with him, all his staff, everyone, they are all super great people, always attentive and helpful, always polite, super super wonderful people.

He does the best work. He will be honest with you and tell you the truth. He told me on a scale of 1 to 10, my ectropion was a 5. I looked pretty bad. I was depressed, needless to say. The revision he did was fantastic, simply fantastic. It is hard for me to find enough words to say how great he is. If you need a revision, no matter where you live, travel to his office. He and all his support staff are worth it, no matter how far away you live."

patient from Mexico, ectropion repair, posted on MakeMeHeal message boards

"I had repair of my left ptosis December 2008. For years I was told by my optometrist that there was no repair available, until I went on the web and found that it is. I searched for a surgeon and found Dr. Hoenig. Since I am a physician myself, I looked over his website carefully, and made sure that he is a board certified plastic surgeon, which he is.

I found that his front desk staff Danya is wonderful. She is understanding and communicative, answering all my questions. Dr. Hoenig explained all the details and answered all my questions. I went in and had the procedure done. A week later the stitch was removed. The result was perfect, I have no complaints and will go back again."

D. D. (unilateral eyelid ptosis repair, from Fresno, CA)

"I'm so thrilled I just can't say enough. Thank you -- thank you-- thank you!!! I'm so sorry I couldn't express my feelings when you called to check on me Wednesday. I was surrounded by girlfriends and didn't want to say too much. They were all flaberghasted at how great I look. Actually, I've had 2 total strangers tell me how beautiful I am. Pretty amazing for 67+ years. I haven't done all this for anyone but myself but it sure is fun to receive such nice compliments. You do amazing work and I'm forever grateful for all you've done for me."

B.E. (necklift, from Helendale, CA)

"I want to thank you for helping me with the situation. I have a great deal of respect for you as a doctor as well as a human being (which is why you are the only one I refer people to). Thanks again and all the best to you!

p.s. My eyes look much better!"

H.C. (from Burbank, CA)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig and Danya,

Just wanted to thank you both for always being so kind and considerate. I will continue to drive as many miles as I need to see you!"

G. C. ( facelift, fat transfer, upper eyelid surgery, radiesse, from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

I just want to say "Thank You!" You cannot possibly know how grateful I am that you are my doctor. The last year of my life has been a nightmare. It has affected my mental health, taken a toll on my marriage, and worst of all, has been extremely hard on my 9 year old daughter. Her Mommy has been in pain and suffering and this caused her great distress.

You are the most wonderful, selfless person to take on this mess and I truly believe that this is almost behind me.

Thank you again,"

M.A. (eyelid surgery revision after infection from another surgery center)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

I just wanted to say "Thank You!" and express my extreme appreciation for your excellent work on my eyes and face. After seeing the Before photo and then how my upper eyelids look now, I had to send you this letter. Before meeting you, I thought the previous damage that was done to my eyes was somthing that I had to live with for life!

Also, I deeply appreciate the extra time you spend talking with me as I greatly value your opinion and insights. Speaking with you gives me great confidence that my looks can be improved. I have never met anyone that understands faces so well.

Very Sincerely,"

W.K. (restylane injections to orbit / eyelids, from Calabasas, CA)

"No one, including me, can believe how gorgeous and natural I look. I looked hard for a surgeon who wouldn't make me look like I'd had a facelift. I see I made the right choice. Thank you, Dr. Hoenig."

B.A. (facelift, fat transfer, tca chemical peel, from Beverly Hills, CA)

"I had a situation with an eyelid surgery gone so very wrong in my home country Sweden and had to fly to the USA to look for eyelid experts on revision. Please read my blog, or my post eyelid surgery gone very very wrong here on this page. I searched the whole country for over a year and a half before I found a doctor that made any sense to me.

Dr Hoenig in Beverly Hills took care of a highly delicate problem that other doctors really did not to do with. I was left totally hollowed out and all skin had been removed. I looked like a total freak. Had a nervous breakdown and basically could not function properly emotionally ever since from the botched eyelid job in Sweden. Dr Hoenig created new eyelids for me, with Juvederm, and basically sculpted my old eyelid shape back with the filler. Its unbelieavble!

I know it will never be my old eyelids, and I still suffer emotionally from the surgery since -07, but it is the closest I can come for now and I am beyond thrilled. I am slowly getting my life back again, feel better and better and the juvederm is holding up very well. Please let me give you some advice, Only go to the BEST with your eyes! The eye area is very delicate and when something goes wrong it is hard to repair. I wish I had known about this website before I did my surgery back home. I would pay anything to have it undone. So, its very good that you do all this reseach. Take your time to find a great and skilled surgeon who understand beauty.

I can only say that if it was not for Dr Hoenig I don't know where I would be today emotionally. It's been hell! He really gave me my eyes and face and self esteem back. He is also conservative and that is a good thing, since for me, less is more( wish the Swedish butcher knew what that meant!)

Dr Hoenig is very talented! Good luck and hope this helped a little in your quest for a brilliant surgeon. warmly, Lola"

(Juvederm eyelid injections, patient from Sweden, message posted on MakeMeHeal message boards)

"I am extremely impressed by Dr. Hoenig. He does fantastic work and helped me tremendously after I had a lower blepharoplasty done by another doctor (that left me very depressed because the result made me look ill).

Dr Hoenig was kind, compassionate, positive, and assured me he would help me and he did! I am very happy with the result. I am so thankful for Dr. Hoenig's wonderful work and upbeat attitude. You can tell he really cares about his patients.

Dr Hoenig's staff is great and Noemi put me at ease from the moment I called and made me feel comfortable at my office visit."

T.M. (restylane injections to orbit, lower eyelids and tear trough, from Glendale, CA)

"I am thrilled with my face and necklift. I am back in low cut T's and turtlenecks. I am a 60 yr. old H.R .Mgr.and I have constant employee contact and the results are so natural no one can tell - guess-yes, confirm-No.

I shared the before and after pictures with a chosen few and they are amazed with the results.People guess my 40 y.o. daughter is my sister. My treatment was great. The staff was helpful from beginning to end and they are still helpful if I have questions or concerns.

My Dr. is the best - he did not over correct, he is a very caring, concerned person. My husband had his waddle removed and he is just as pleased. It was well worth the money in just how I feel about me now."

D.C., Dr. Hoenig's facelift patient review on RealSelf.com

"I had a face and neck lift just over 1 year ago. I am totally thrilled with the results. It is completely natural and people have commented that I look so young and glowing. Noone has askeed if I had surgery, which is exactly the the result that I wanted.

My doctor was a true genius as well as kind, caring and accesible. The whole experience was positive. I had very little discomfort; the only medication that I took was Tylenol the night of the surgery. I couldn't be happier that I decided to have a facelift."

Dr. Hoenig's facelift patient review on RealSelf.com

"I have deep,dark circles under my eyes and have used undereye cover cream for more years than I'd like to count. One day, I realized the cover cream wasn't working. I would apply and reapply several times a day to no avail.

Received Restylane injections under my eyes and was amazed! No more dark circles. The treatment lasted about 12 months and I went and did it again. I still use a tad of cover cream in the morning, but don't worry about it (or obsess!) for the rest of the day.

I highly recommend Restylane. Make sure you go to someone who is well recommended. I had my injections by a plastic surgeon (EDITOR'S NOTE: DR HOENIG IS AN OCULOPLASTIC SURGEON). Also, make sure you stop taking ibuprofen and/or aspirin two weeks before your injections to prevent bleeding. There is no down time, although you may bruise. I had a small black-eye type bruise under one eye the first time, and the second time a slightly larger bruise under the other eye (I wasn't reminded and had forgotten about the ibuprofen. The doctor used a lot of pressure to stop the bleeding, thus the bruising.)

The small amount of pain (during the injections only) is more than worth the excellent results. I will do it again, when this batch wears off in the next month or two."

Dr. Hoenig's restylane patient review, from realself.com

"Just wanted to tell you that I have received wonderful comments on my face lift, etc. Things like "wow", "you look beautiful", "you look 10 years younger". Everyone's impressed."

M.P. (facelift, browlift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, chin implant, from Bethesda, MD)

"I had an upper and lower blethoplasty with fat transfer to my cheeks a few years ago (along with follow up on the fat transfer some months later). To say I that have been very pleased with the results would be an understatement. I look at pictures of myself six years ago and wonder who that old man is! I was referred to you by Dr. Keller in Monterey...

Whenever the time does come for more treatment from Dr. Hoenig, you can be assured I will be back. I have spread the word about how happy I am and hope you have been getting other patients from this area."

K. P. (upper and lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer, from Monterey, CA)


I wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude to yourself and Dr Hoenig. Even with the bruising, I can tell that this is the best and easiest solution for my eye issue. My eyes are very symmetrical again. I will be back again (probably in the fall).


N.R. (restylane injections to the eyelids, from northern california)

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again for the consultation last summer. I am really glad I spoke with you and now feel so much better about my upper eyelids. I know that if I had spoken with some of the surgeons I have had in the past I would have had an unnecessary bleph by now that I would no doubt be regretting."

D.M. (from the UK, fat transfer and eyelid surgery consultation)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

Thank you so much for making my dreams come true & fixing my face! I think that you're a genius, your office team is so nice and I'm so grateful that I found you & so happy with what you were able to do for me!!!

I am sorry for the way I was my first time there; I was really scared but you helped me anyway & again I'm so thankful for what you did :) Finally, I don't look sick & tired 24/7 and I enjoy looking in the mirror too!

Even without makeup I look great because of what you did. I never have said this about a doctor but I can't wait to visit your office again!


D.E. (radiesse injections)

"Please relay to Dr. Hoenig how HAPPY I am with the results. He is so talented!

In appreciation,"

R.S. (radiesse injections)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

It has now been almost a month since my surgery (12/12/08), and I am pleased to say that I am very happy with how things have turned out so far. Thank you so much for such wonderful work!

Take care,"
T.B. (facial fat transfer)

"Dear Dr Hoenig,

Whenever I look at the mirror, I marvel at your talent. I deeply appreciate what you have done for me. I also want to thank Noemi, the nurse, and other staff members. With many thanks,"

M.C. (facelift, fat transfer, upper eyelid surgery)

"Hello there Dr. Hoenig,

I just wanted to take this moment to let you know that it has now been over a week since I had my surgery. I am happy to say that I am very happy with my results. In fact, so much so, I felt it necessary to rate you on "ratemds." http://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/100186/CA/Beverly-Hills/Hoenig

Take care, and thank you very much!"

T.B. (upper and lower eyelid fat transfer)

"Dear Dr Hoenig,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for restoring my upper eyelids. After a disastrous upper eyelid surgery in my home country Sweden where the surgeon removed too much fat and skin leaving me looking extremely hollow and strange looking not to mention completely broken hearted, totally devastated and having lost all my self esteem, I researched experts in the USA to find a solution for this tragic result.

Among all the doctors I spoke with, you where the only one who said something really could be done and understood exactly what I needed in order to create an upper eyelid that was close to my original look.With incredible patience, grace and enormous skill did you manage to create a full eyelid again with Juvederm. I look at myself in the mirror and feel such joy and peace at last. I look like me again and got my almond shape back!

It was the best money I have ever spent flying from Sweden to see you! To all people who have experienced an upper eyelid surgery gone very wrong, please dont despair. There is a solution and Dr J. Hoenig is it!

Your wife Danya and your assistant Naomi where beyond warm and compassionate. To you all... Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Holidays!


A.I. (juvederm to eyelids, patient from Sweden)

"Dear Dr Hoenig,

I want you to know how happy I am with my brow lift and eye surgery. I also want to thank you for your kindness, compassion and concern when something got into my eye and scratched my eyeball. Even though it was unrelated to the surgery you saw me in your office and followed up with phone calls over the weekend. I truly appreciate everything.

You are the best there is.


L.P. (endoscopic browlift and eyelid surgery)

From RateMDs:

"I had the bags under my eyes "removed" (he actually pushed the fat downwards into the slightly hollow area below). It's been almost a year, and I am so thrilled with the results. There are no bags under my eyes anymore! I do believe he is the very best doctor out there when it comes to the area around the eyes. "

(lower eyelid fat repositioning surgery)

"Just a note to let you know that my eyes are completely healed and that they have gone back to their ability to close even MORE during sleep than before! This was an unintended benefit and I am SO HAPPY! Plus I look great, which is all thanks to you. See you next time I'm in need of improvements,"

C.M. (bilateral eyelid ptosis repair)

"It has been almost three months since the repair of my previous neck lift and I am extremely satisified with the work that you did. When I look in the mirror now I am seeing what I looked like 15 years ago. You are not just a plastic surgeon, but an artist and a sculptor.


W.S. (revision of necklift)

From RateMDs.com:

Went to Dr. Hoenig last March to fix poor lower bleph result which was originally performed in Canada. He is truly amazing. He not only fixed the problem, he made me look better than nature did. The man really knows what he is doing (check his impeccable credentials) and he and everyone in his practice really go out of their way to treat you well. Not enough can be said about this guy, but for more go to the forum at beautysurg.com and do a search on his name. You won't find one bad thing about him. THANK-YOU!!!

(a note a patient sent to her friend after seeing Dr. Hoenig...)

I hope you are doing well on this muggy August afternoon! I'm emailing you because it's been a while, but also to let you know that I'm done with my eye restoration at Dr Hoenig's.

I'm going to come by so you can see it. It's truly amazing. This Monday, I had the Mueller resection process. Took 10 minutes, local only with sedation pill (no big deal whatsoever) and the results are astounding. Truly astounding. You know Dr. XXX that you went to who said he couldn't do anything about the upper hollows? Wrong. There is. I know, because I FINALLY have my eyes back - the ones I had before I started tampering with them. Here's what Dr Hoenig did:

Injected upper hollows with Restylane and Juvederm to create "eye pillows," i.e. youthful padding. He goes around some kind of nerve, he's super careful and he does it in 2-3 stages. This is much better than using real fat, because for us upper eyelid post-surgical "victims," we've got so much scar tissue that the only thing you can squeeze in there is something with small molecules, i.e. hyaluronic acid, not fat. And believe me, it stays and stays and stays, since nothing really moves up there.

Resected the Muller muscle, posterior approach. This means that my eyelids, which all of a sudden had begun drooping severely - have been pulled up, without cutting any skin at all.

The combination of getting back my "eye pillows" around the entire upper eye AND the resection of the muscle has recreated exactly what I had at age 23. You won't believe it when you see it. I will bring photos just so you can compare. It's unbelievable. Insane. I'm going back on Monday to get the pull-thru stitch out and to take out the protective contact lens he sticks in there.

If I were you, I'd seriously get an appointment with him. He's on Wilshire and Linden, you can walk there on your lunch hour. He runs on time, so no worries. Plus, he's darling. No weirdness or coldness like so many ophthalmologists I've seen in the past. His wife works there too, and she is supersweet.

If you see me, you'll flip. The doc took me back even 5 more years. I have fulllness of the entire eye, without any shadows or droopiness. The man is a true genius when it comes to eyes, that's for sure. I bet he can fix yours too, and you'll look even greater than you already do now.

Let me know when I can come by and show off the eyes - without any makeup, they don't need ANY!!!!

I'm sooooo happy,

C.M. (bilateral eyelid ptosis repair)

"Just a quick note to Dr. Hoenig. I had Radiesse put in my cheeks and I just wanted to let him know that it turned out perfect. I'm very happy with it."

D.B. (radiesse to cheeks)


Thank you for all your help and support during my surgeries. When you walk in the room during surgery, I immediately feel comforted and reassured. Best wishes always,"

C.M. (browlift, facelift, fat transfer, chin reduction, lower eyelid surgery)

"Hi Danya,

You probably already know it but your husband is brilliant!!!

I had the Radiesse injected on Wednesday morning and that evening I was already out there running a big event in LA with quite a few celebrities including Jay Leno and others. I was able to be out in public that evening and now back in Israel my wife really loves the results.

I was quite nervous prior to that because of the many “bad” feedback going around about Radiesse by unsatisfied patients, but you were right; there was no reason to worry.

As always Dr. Hoeing did a great Job. Please thank him for me."

I.L. (radiesse to cheeks and jaw)

"Many thanks for seeing me in the Sherman Oaks office. So far I am headache free! I am praying the Botox continues to work. I just keep my fingers crossed on this. I am very pleased thus far. My "fears" of putting poison in my head were unfounded! Many thanks.

I will tell you that coming to you is one of the best things I have done for myself.


B.T. (Botox for migraines)

"Just a note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for restoring my eyes - and even making them prettier! You are a true artist and an incredibly skilled eye specialist. If it weren't for you, I would still look hollow and tired. Besides, you were the only physician willing to address my "doll's eye" issue - all other professionals have simply told me I needed to live with it!

I will mention your name to everyone in my travels and I hope that this will somehow generate many more patients for you. Thank you again, I finally like looking in the mirror again - with eyes that reflect my happiness!

All the best,"

C.M. (eyelid ptosis repair)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

Thank you so much for your time and expertise - you are awesome. And thank you for helping our sight fund.
We love you!"

Laleh, 90210 Ambulatory Surgery Center, Beverly Hills


"I am so very happy with my new me, I am absolutely thrilled every morning when I get up and look at the mirror... When Miguel saw me for the 1st time he was astonished of your good work. I am also very thankful to you how you have treated us. I never thought or imagined I could turn the clock back so unbelievably natural .Thank you very much. "

N.K. (facelift and fat transfer, from spain)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,
I just want you to know how much I appreciate your warm, caring assistance. It made me feel so comfortable and relaxed to know that you were available to talk to me and see me over the weekend. I greatly appreciate the extraordinary effort that you put forth on my behalf. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Most sincerely,

A.S. (facelift, fat transfer, chemical peel)

"Thank you from my heart for being the best doctor in the world."

G.W. (lower eyelid reconstruction with hard palate graft)

"Thanks, Doc. You're the absolute best always. I receive the best care from you and your staff - all professionals and on top of the latest, yet kind and caring too. Thanks so much,"


"I'm very grateful for everything you've done - from the 1st time I had eyelid surgery on March 2007 to last time when you repaired the ptosis on my right eye. You have extended your service to me more than I expected. This is why I will surely recommend you to all the people that I know. Thanks also for the great staff, Danya and Naomi."

Best Regards,


"I haven't had a chance to really thank you for the eyelid surgery you performed for me. It has been about 10 months now, and my eyes feel great. I just want to thank you for your thoughtfulness both in preserving both functionality and how it looks (and for coming in on a Sunday to take out the stitches)."


"I just want to take a moment to express sincere appreciation for the masterful work you did to improve our "appearance" as well as our self esteem and outlook on life! The special events of my daughter's as well as my own wedding were even more special due to my "secret self confidence" with a younger face!

We feel very fortunate to have found the BEST in you & your staff!


J.M. (facelift, lower eyelid surgery, fat transfer)

"Just to update you, I was very impressed with the procedure a month or so ago - it really did amaze me the results from the filling of the hollow areas and the stark differences it made to my appearance and now my whole outlook on things. You really have helpled me look at things in a whole different way now that I know that things are not so serious any more."

J.G. (consultation only, patient came from England)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

Thank you for all your care during our stay here. Not only were we impresed by your exceptional professional knowledge, also we were touched by your warm humanity. Thank you !!"

B.K. and H.D. (facelift, browlift, eyelid ptosis repair and blepharoplasty, tca chemical peel and facelift, fat transfer)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

Thank you very much for seeing me for my left eye plug problem. I hope we can get it out the next time I see you. Your generosity, kindness, and wonderful bedside manner were greatly appreciated. Sincerely,"

S.R. (tear duct repair)

"Hi Dr. Hoenig,

How are you doing? I want to apologize that I did not get back to you sooner but it doesn’t mean I forgot about you as soon as I left L.A. I just was waiting for my healings to get better. I REALLY appreciate you took your time and stayed with me longer that night when you took the bump out of my right eye even despite you were so tired and had to go home to be with your family. I want to thank Nayomi too. She was an excellent assistant!

My husband was very against this surgery because he believed that I would never be satisfied and would do it over and over again and will end up like Michael Jackson. He probably based his opinion on how miserable I was after my first surgery when the surgeon just butchered my eyes. I did not agree with him. I just was looking for you and I think I was so lucky I found you (thanks to Dr.Ellenbogen). Every single time when I look in the mirror I keep saying to you “thank you” from the bottom of my heart. What a wonderful job you did! I think my eyes can not get any better because they are perfect! I feel like myself again. I am so happy!

You are the best of the best, Dr. Hoenig! Happy belated Father’s Day. My very best wishes. Sincerely,"

E.J. (endoscopic browlift, fat transfer, tca chemical peel)

"Just a quick note to say thank you! I don't typically send doctors these kinds of notes - not really sure what to say? Great work? I feel terrific, am so pleased with the subtle new look and have been so impressed with your care and follow up. Never thought I would be someone who would have this kind of procedure, but you made it so easy and have been so kind. I sing your praises! Warmest regards,

L.M. (facelift)

"I can't thank you enough for the absolutely wonderful work you did on my face. I know it presented problems for you, given my previous history but thanks to your patience, technique, and artistry, you gave me a result that I could not have imagined any better. I thank both you and Danya for the ongoing care you gave me. Fondest wishes,"

N.S. (mini facelift)

"Dear Danya,
i wanted to let you know how happy I am. I am feeling great, still a bit swollen around my neck but happy happy. I feel I have been so well taken care of. Please tell your husband how grateful I am for his magnificent work and his care.

I would like you to schedule for the month of November both my friends. By the way my Periodontic DDS whom I saw after my surgery in NY was amazed at my looks. She wrote immediately your name down. It looks that she had someone she wanted to give your name to.

Well I am wishing you good health and well being, till soon,"

B.K. (from Spain, facelift, browlift, eyelid ptosis repair and blepharoplasty, tca chemical peel)

"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

This is the Armenian girl with hollow eyes! First, I must say that you've changed my life. I can't get over how much I like my eyes again. Thank You!

I am so excited about seeing you next Friday at 3pm. I am flying in from New York just to see you so please don't cancel. I don't mind waiting if you're busy. My eyes look so much smaller and everyone tells me that I look amazing. I just wanted to touch base before my appointment next week. Take care and I'll see you on Friday. "

V.K. (restylane injections to upper and lower eyelids, from new york)

"Nothing can express the amount of gratitude my family and I have for the kindness and compassion you have shown me. Please accept this small gift as a token of my appreciation. Thank you so much,"


"Dear Dr. Hoenig,
Thank you for the amazing job you did on me. It is an art! See you in April!
Your very grateful patient,"


"Dear Dr. Hoenig,
My deepest thanks to you and Danya for helping me with the problems that resulted from another doctor's eyelid surgery.

After 5 previous doctors failed to even acknowledge my discomfort let alone diagnose the problem, you diagnosed the problem and began the proper treatment on the first visit. By the next day I noticed improvement. Now, only a few months later I'm wearing my contact lenses again and feel back to normal.

I appreciate your knowledge and skill as well as your kindness and the way you helped me overcome the fear I had felt since the surgery. You are one in a million.

I have made a donation to The Smile Train - a charity that provides plastic surgery to children in underdeveloped countries. I will continue to contribute, each time remembering your kindness and generosity.

Warm wishes,"

L.M. (consultation and follow up only, no surgery)

"Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate your patience, your conscientious care, and your meticulous work."

M.V. (facelift, pre-jowl implant, then skin cancer and reconstruction surgery)

"Wishing you all the enjoyment, all the happiness, and all the blessings from God. Thank you for my care."


"Dear Dr. Hoenig, I am hoping this note will convey my deepest appreciation & gratitude for what you have done for me. You are a highly skilled surgeon/artist, and simply a wonderful person.

As I greet my 50th birthday in January, I do so with a renewed confidence and happiness.

Please enjoy a very small token of my appreciation. It's just a little something to keep you going all those long hours. Very warm regards,"


"Dear Dr. Hoenig, I want to thank you for a "great" surgical experience. The surgery was an easy process all due to your expertise and me being allowed to be awake. Thank you once again."


(copy of a letter our patient sent to the doctor who referred her to Dr. Hoenig)

"I just wanted to write and tell you what an amazing experience I've had with Jonathan Hoenig. I had the face lift/neck lift/lower eyelids done on September 14. It was about a six hour procedure and I did it awake with just oral Valium and Demerol. It was incredibly interesting and completely painless.

Hoenig is the most fastidious guy and really pays an incredible amount of attention to his patients during the recovery process. After two weeks I was completely able to go out in the world as the swelling and bruising were not obvious to others. It will be three weeks this Thursday and my progress has been terrific.

I am very, very happy with the results and Hoenig tells me I will only be happier as time goes on. I am grateful that you gave me him as a referral and were adamant that he was the only guy to see.
Thanks again and again"

K.B. (facelift, necklift, lowere eyelid surgery)

"Dear Doctor Hoenig,

Before I met you I was told you were one of the best in the business. As this information was conveyed to me by a number of your peers, I was pretty sure it was true. At my first appointment I found you to be a nice guy who really knows his craft. After those pretty scary few days following my surgery I found you to be a very kind, caring and patient man. As my face began to heal, I found out you were pretty much a GENIUS. After you convinced me to let you give me that final touch on my lips, I realized that you are THE VERY BEST DOCTOR IN ALL THE LAND.

I can't thank you enough for giving me back my confidence and making me feel good about myself, not to mention being pretty damn cute. Sincerely,"

N.B. (facelift, fat transfer, lower eyelid surgery)

"I wanted to write you a note and tell you how much I love my new (younger) look! I so appreciate your skill as a surgeon and your diligence and dedication to me as your patient. You are an asset to your profession. Thanks again! Fondly, "


"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

It’s been about 8 months since my last visit. I am extremely pleased with the results of everything we did and now no longer feel self conscious about my age showing. In fact I often get complimented on how well I look from new acquaintances; there could be no better testimony. Thank you for setting the clock back and helping me look as young as I feel. Sincerely, "

P.K. (browlift, facelift, fat transfer, eyelid ptosis repair)

"I would like to thank you sincerely for your kindness & patience over the last two weeks. Few doctors would call to check up on their patients. Far less give up a Friday evening to perform an impromptu revision. I deeply appreciate what you did and I am grateful that your career is a true vocation."


"I want to thank you again for my eyelid shots yesterday. It is always comforting, that feel of "it's going to be okay" when we come see you. I really could write you a mile long letter, I know you are very busy, but it is very important I let you know how appreciative I am for you, very important. I am happy you are my doctor. I know you can only imagine what I have been through, and I try and hold it all in, I only can now wish I'd never seen another doctor but you."

S.G. (5fu injections)

"Other than the bruising I feel great. I have not had to take any pain medication of any kind. Although I can't tell what the final outcome is going to look like yet I can tell you I feel much better about myself. I can't express into words how grateful I am. Thank you so much for everything you have done."


"Dear Dr. Hoenig,

I am sure you remember my daughter and the surgery you performed under her eyes back in July. We have not forgotten you and I will be sending you some new pictures of her this week! We are both SO VERY HAPPY with the results and I see a big change in her. She has blossomed with self-confidence and will be enrolling into college to make some important career choices in her life.

I just wanted to thank you for your incredible expertise, your wonderful staff, your prompt returned phone calls and for making time in your schedule to meet with us when things seemed a little rough. You are truly a professional in your field! (Also thank you for being a little harsh with her when she faltered...it was a push she really needed.)

I just wanted you to know you really affected both of our lives in a positive manner. There aren't enough words to thank you. Watch for the pictures in the next week!



"Don't know what I would have done all these years without this most gracious professional. He carries his oath in his heart, his talent in his hands, and his learned knowledge in his memory banks......"


"To Dr. Hoenig,
This is my way of expressing my appreciation
For a wonderful result, I am so satisfied with my decision.
Following a disastrous outcome of a neck lift,
I pondered who could be trusted to properly repair it."
Click here to

"Thank you so much for fiksing my ear. my teacher says I look much more better. And that is why I roht this card just for you.

from Elinor." (age 5)

"There are no words to express how grateful I am for all the time and care you devoted to me. My face makes me smile now! THANK YOU FROM MY HEART!"


"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It is still never enough for someone who took so many tired years off my face. Now my inner energy will be reflected in my smile. Thank you,"


"First, I want to thank you for being so fair and honest about everything. I'm always a bit incredulous when it comes to cosmetic surgeons. There really are a lot of B.S.ers floating around, so I feel so fortunate to have found a doctor who has so much integrity. Anyway, I'm ecstatic about the results! My eyes look better than they ever have. You're the best! Thanks so much!"


"Just a note to thank you again for everything you have done for me. I wanted you to know I feel 1000 times better about my appearance thanks to you. I will never forget your generosity and compassion. May God bless you and return to you all the blessings you give to others!"


“Words cannot express the satisfaction I have with your surgery skills. You have changed my whole life.


“There are no words to express how grateful I am to you for all you’ve done! I placed myself in your talented hands and am pleased beyond my wildest imagination with what you’ve accomplished. But even more, your special care and attention, home visits, even shopping for me, is more than I could’ve expected! You are a special person, an excellent surgeon, and a true ‘mensch’! Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful. You’re the absolute best!!


“Thank you for the subtle, artistic and beautiful work you did for me. I am so thrilled with it—You are extraordinary!”


“I can not thank you enough. I’m in awe -my husband is in awe- with what you did and what you had to work with. My face is an example of what good plastic surgery looks like. I now see why the doctor who referred me to you spoke so highly of you. It’s always a good sign when you are respected by others in your field. I see you’re very brilliant and gifted. Thank you for the time, patience and care you showed me. I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER!”


“You are my favorite doctor for keeping me safe. Thanks for all the fat! You have changed my opinion of fat. I love it!”


“I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my mother and brother for all the attention, care and kindness you gave to my mom. Your interest and warmth was instrumental in making what could have been a devastating experience (in terms of the diagnosis) into more or less a normal hospital stay for mother. I know how she looked forward to your reassurance and presence and I really don’t think she would have come out as “whole” as she did if it weren’t for your attention. Needless to say you were a comfort for all of us and I want you to know that you are a special person. You have obviously chosen the right profession and your presence illuminates the true essence of a physician – a warm, caring, sensitive human being. Thanks again for everything.

Fondly, “

“I wanted to thank you for your kindness, care and thoughtfulness you extended to my father from ‘day one’. It meant a great deal to both my dad and me to know that you were always available to us. I hope you know that my dad is quite fond of you and always felt secure in your presence. Thank you again!


“We have been looking for a special gift for you but we couldn’t find one which could express my gratitude for the miracle you performed on my face and the kind and supportive care I received. May God bless you always!


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