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orbital rim implants

"I am a caucasian male in my 30s. I am quite hollow under my lower eyelids and have flat cheeks cheeks which lie behind a perpendicular line dropped down from the tip of my eyeball. I have absolutely no nasolabial fold and a little bit of early jowling. I have tried fillers (4-5 syringes at once) to the cheeks/lower eyelids, but it's not enough volume. I think that I am a good candidate for orbital rim and cheek implants.

A couple questions:

- Is it possible to have cheek implants placed, and then have orbital rim implants placed at a later date without having to remove the cheek implants?

- Does placement of orbital rim implants always require a midface lift?

- What material are the orbital rim implants made of?

Thanks for your help!"

Thre are several different types of implants for the orbital rim region. Some extend to the cheeks while some wrap around the outer corner of the eye.

It is possible that a rim implant can be inserted after a cheek implant is present.

As far as a midface lift is concerned, one wants to cover the implant with fat and muscle. This will prevent the edges of the implant from being visible. This is most important in patients with thin lower eyelid skin.

There are two types of materials that are currently available. One is solid silicone, the other is Medpore. In fact there is a Medore implant (made by Porex) that I designed that is a combination of a rim implant and a cheek implant. Implants can also be custom made or hand carved by the surgeon.

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